Yes, we all were shocked about the hair in the face of our darling!
Fanworld is really confused - How could that happen? A coloured moustache!
We think (hope) it must be an artificial one! For camouflage-purposes.
But if he really is planning some hair in the face, we made some studies.
How does he look best? (*sigh* remember the goatee...)

does THAT face need improvement???                 NO!

Motörhead-Style                                Bryan Ferry 1976

19th century boy!              ehhh...this is the Groucho-Marx-style certainly!

german teacher's beard                       maybe he could like this?....

Amish-style                                    and Santa Binladen...

Any further ideas?
Yes, you can do that at home - and even without a computer. Just take your
favourite Bowiepictures, and a big fat edding-marker....
(send your results to Isolar/New York)

(we still think, he's maximum beautiful without any hair in his face...)