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yeahh... here it is!
Release date: January 14, 2007! (ehhh.... )

limited, certainly, but with special (and cheaper) selling to b-netters!

The case is made from transylvanian bat-leather (they all died of age, no animal was hurt!) in a special vintage-design!
Only natural materials were used. Inside it is lined with golden velvet, the outside is wrapped with special high
quality canvas, where the picture "view from the Hansa-studio in 1976" is embroidered (handmade).
A special feature is the little golden lock, with a little golden key. So you can lock your Bowie-case up to be sure, that no
one else but you is enjoying it! (there are 2000 different keys.. - and only Bowie himself has doublets!)

Low, Heroes, Lodger .. in a special-Edition...
These CDs are all remastered! And they are all packed in beautiful cardboard covers - imitating exactly in the original-LP-
design en miniature. The CDs also have inner sleeves made from finest japanese paper to avoid scratches while
taking them in and out... And the best! These are "AUDIO-DUALDISCs"... with TWO Audio-sides... perfecetly giving you
the original-impression of the old vinyl-records (which have "A" and "B"-Sides) -- get up and turn it around!

For each "Trilogy"-album there is a Bonus-CD with lots of previously unreleased material from the Hansa Studio's vault...
(seems the basement of the Studios urgently had to be cleaned-up! I have heard it is damp there!)... bizarre Stuff from
Eno and Bowie and Iggy... never heard, never seen...! ;-))

These CDs will also soon be availlable for a bigger public as ordinary double-CDs in jewelcases...

But the following very special items will only be availlable in this Special-B-netter's Box:
- The "bathroom-demos" from the Hauptstrasse 155. Listen to the very first version of "Sister Midnight" sung by Iggy and Bowie...
- The Bonus- DVD with unseen Movie-snippets, filmed on Super 8 in the seventies in Berlin...
- The 120-page-booklet, with pictures, comments - and - the secret Bowie-Berlin-diaries...

So, c'mon, kidz, who would not want THIS...??