it was in May 2003, when Bowienetter Moonsister had that idea, that we should build little Bowies out of clay or playdoh...
well, when I did that, something strange happened: The little man - I called him "the Bowlem" - started to sing - and suddenly there was a jackalope around...

the Bowlem and the jackalope


Here's some bootlegmovies of little Bowlem and his jackalope on stage.
In the first one he sings "life on mars". The sound-quality is rather bad because of the file-size....

Bowlem sings life on mars.wmv (1199kb)

The second one is a very special collector's item - it's a very short snippet from the rehearsals - unfortunately there's no sound in it at all.

the rehearsals.wmv (395kb)

My technical equipment is shit. But some day I will have a better camera for sharper pictures and I will animate the little guy... And because of that small-size-movie-programme I could not cut the movie. So - watch and enjoy it! would have laughed watching me sitting in my room, in the one hand the webcam, in the other one a little halogen-spot, and with my not existing third hand handling the mouse... eh, was fun...


the show... In the background we can see Gail dancing.


the audience went crazy (they had to leave their antlers at the
wardrobe, because of security).

picture from the rehearsals with a better view on Gail.

yeah - our modern and luxurious wardrobe!