It's no Game...! Really? Here it is!


Bowiehugging - the game!
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Sorry, when the whole thing looks a bit outdated.
No, I am not talking about the game by itself. This is of course groundbreaking and new! Don't tell us, you played more sophisticated games on your C 64 (if you are old enough) ...!
I was talking about the graphics used.
As you can see, the game was started in late 2002. Our graphics-department created most graphics before any code was written (we prefer working with the real thing instead of dummies, which is stupid, but inspiring). And so it looks very "heathen"-tour-like. Later, while the "reality"-tour, we added some "reality"-tour-stuff.
We did not want to harmonize that, because it gives an impression of space and time... ...Enjoy!

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History... the Making of...
...some history... if you are interested...and because here is some space left on this page.... how can it take so long to create such a crappy oldfashioned computergame... in the age of acceleration and McKinsey...?
Of course we did not work nearly four and a half years without break. There where huge breaks. To be more exact, there where more breaks than work.
The game was started in late 2002, and then stopped because we did not have enough spare time anymore. And you need time for this, especially when you are not an expert and your programming skills are quite limited. That's the trouble with modern life! It keeps us from doing funny things by forcing us to spend our lifetime with boring stuff... *cough* ... It's all about control, ya know... they ...harhar.... want to keep us busy while they are worshipping their stupid big owl... *cough* ... Now back to topic.... *cough*
Luckily these very first files of the game survived the big hard drive crash disaster of July 2003. Phew!
In spring 2004 we started again working. Some programming... more levels... some sounds... The most important, basic work was done till June 2004, which was a bad date for the united Bowieworld. Our headquarters decided, that it is not appropriate to work on games like that anymore.
But then Bowie appeared happily in public again and so the work was continued. But for some unknown reason we did not get far. Maybe because of being totally confused by the score-system?
In summer 2005 we gave it another try, but stopped very soon, because we did not understand the code anymore. How embarrassing... and the end of the game?

No! Suddenly, in summer 2006, we found this old file in the bowiefun vaults... we blew the dust off and decided, that it would be sad, if the game would end up as one of the many unfinished projects on my hard drive (we are using now the third hard drive since 2002).
A few weeks intense work... learning how practical USB-sticks are... some new sounds... ...and new graphics... ...some debugging... and now it's finished!
Of course there is still something to improve. It's a "Betaversion", we will go on improving and of course we will think about new levels! There are already plans for a special "Iman-Level". But do not expect this too soon, as you know already enough about our working method.

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