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Linx last checked in April 2008... (some dead links removed and some changed)

The Ramoana Experience online radio with tons of Bowie-rairities
and Bowie-related stuff - and other great music on LG73!
And here is the playlist and more info.


Read the hilarious stories about living with a certain lodger
(and other great stuff)...

KhanKidory's Bowieart!
See some amazing artworks, inspired by our good old friend...

Yeah, also some others have discovered, how much fun you can have with Bowie:
very good is this one: (Scary Monsters - Super Creeps / Fun with David Bowie)

and here's a funny german story with David Bowie - a bit stupid, but I like it..
( the author, David Bowie and Gerhard Schroeder save the world...)
(the adress changed, but the link still works)

Ziggfried and Phoenix from Teenagewildlife created their own Bowie-fun-page... with their absolutely hilarious work which first appeared on the Teenagewildlife-artist's corner : all remember the legendary Mahir Cagri-website? ("I kiss you")
well, here's a funny bowieversion...
(seems there are problems watching it with Firefox)

For the friends of the JACKALOPE and similiar creatures:
the spacebunny ;-)


rather new and good!

here is where the fun started - at the artist's corner "I was an artiste" on the messageboard.

sailor's harbour...

sailor's paintings
Is David a great painter? We don't know... but we like some of his paintings
maybe I'll once buy a signed original for my big white wall...

sailor's wife (come on, let's get JEALOUS...!)
Check out the "Postcards"! Brrrrrr....! ;-))
- well, unfortunately they made a boring relaunch! But we still can find
the old website with the beautiful postcards here! ;-)

More Web-Archaeology - there is another old website:
It's the Bowienet Heathen Bonuspage - check it out as long as it's still there... ;)

the german Bowie-fan-page...

another good Bowiepage

Here are the rarities...
sometimes down... but always came back again!

beautiful Bowiepaintings
Chrissi's Bowie-Gallery

Whatever you want to know .. BASSMAN'S DAVID BOWIE PAGE:

Check the daily picrture! And many other features...

"the voyeur" - Bowiefanclub

A Discography of David Bowie's Live and Rare Music

David Bowie - Illustrated db Discography

the page about Bowie, Kristeen Young and others...

the man, who hit the eye

Gail Ann Dorsay

Spooky Ghost - Gerry Leonard

Hansa Studios

let's have a look at Bowie's tattoo (we see everything!)

Bowie's horoscope

Bowie and psychology


for our italian friends:

for our australian friends:

for our russian friends:

the german Bowie-fan-page... [again]

MORE BOWIE-PAGES - just check them for yourself...,+David

Of course always check google and myspace... ;)

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