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"The return of the fat white rabbit", as mpeg.
(I hope it works...never done that before...!)

......, I did not forget you... no, but my
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working on that movie.... horrible...!

Yay! A new movie..!

...and here's already an announcement for a new Bowiemovie... we don't know, when it will be in the cinemas...

with kind permission of donizetti

Bowie has bought a mountain! Here's the movie about it!
(ok, this may be an item for the "german section", but we thought,
the german mountain-movie-genre is well known in the world...)


a bowiefun-movie in cooperation with disney productions!

Lopy come home!

the bunny-breeder David Jones, a rather anxious, shy guy, who doesn't know, how good he's looking - and who doesn't dare to speak to the young and beautiful veterinarian Dr. Dorsey, has obviously a mutant animal under his bunnies! The little one grows much more quickly than the others. And, moreover, there are antlers growing on his head!!
Jonesy tries to abandon that animal in the woods. It eats much too much, it's awkward, biting, doesn't suit in any cage, damages everything - and - it's absolutely not house trained.
And he also can't take it to the annual bunny-fair - everybody would laugh about him.
But the animal is very clingy ! Again and again he tries to get rid of it!
And just in the moment, when he seemed to have succeeded - he didn't see the antlered rabbit for days - evil powers appear at Jones's place. They want to abduct that animal! And they don't believe him, that he just kicked out the "annoying beast".
After all he finds himself, just wearing a much too short T-Shirt, jeans and sneakers in the deep woods, where he absconded from the persecutors! It's winter and snowing and terribly cold!
..and now guess, who is coming to save him..? With soft and warm fur?

Together they fight against poachers, radical taxidermists, the Alienresearch. And our hero, who just wanted to live in peace, receives now the biggest reward: the friendship of one of the most lovely and intelligent creatures alive!

...and certainly... he now also gets the beautiful veterinarian....!


the soundtrack is certainly from db. here are some titles:
the loneliest lope
bring me the jackalope
looking for Jacky
never get cold
Fat lope bombs the loo


a De-Donizetti-Production in Asc. with Dreamworks

publication with kind permission of Donizetti
content: unfortunately we have only a german version of the content.
You can find it in the german section under "bo-fiction".


well...we had to do this... it's a b-movie in the set of "Lopie come home"...
It was necessary to finance our more ambitious projects... you know, these very sophisticated movies only for a very special audience...
As you may notice, our second male leading actor felt very embarrased and didn't even want to appear on the ads..
But at least Jack had much fun!

attack of the killerlopes!
content: oops...must I really...? ...well, a big town, a big crowd of mutant huge alien monsterlopes... a blondhaired hero with weird eyes...!


a Donizetti-Production

publication with kind permission of Donizetti

...No one else was better qualified for the remake of the legendary "Harvey"-Movie!
Bowie in the role of Elwood P. Dowd is wonderful. And Harvey Lope, a cousin of famous Jack A. Lope, who lost his antlers in a tragic car-accident, now could show, that he's also a great actor!
Experts predict him a great future in the bunny-genre!

Harvey Lope
Here the ad of the german version.

content: oh, c'mon, you know the old movie...!