THIS page is not yet finished (I hope, it'll never be..), but you'll find some empty pages... stay tuned for more Bowiefun, hope in the next few weeks, ....around X-mas.. ahemm, I certainly mean, around February - oh no, April is a much better month for that... well, in May and June were some little updates.. but the huge ones better take place in July....
It's a work in progress....
Maybe you know some of that stuff already from the web.. , some of it had already appeared either in the Teenage-Wildlife-artist's-corner, or in the german bowie-page - or in the holy Bowienet... But I'm working an some new features... (well, I don't know, if I shall call it "contamination II", "outside III" or "toy1/2"...well, let's see...)

Ahem, now for something completely different:
I have used dozens of pictures I took from the web... I took them as a footage for my work... and hope no one will blame me for having used them - and some seconds of music.
It is a non-commercial page and It's all for fun. Nothing more.
But if you think it is terrible your work appearing here - let me know it . Then I will remove the pic!
But I would be happy if you'd give me the permission -
and I'll write your name on my "thanx"-page!

If you like, send us your own bowiefun-stuff - or a link to your own related Bowiefun-page...!
And we'll publish it here. (with YOUR name, certainly)...
Bowie-jokers, unite!

Yes, and now I should go out and eat and sleep again, see the sun, tidy up my room, meet my bowiehating friends, stop wasting my time with surfing in the web or producing silly animations. Popmusic is so unimportant. But I'm still happy to share timeline and planet with this wonderful person ;- )