...ever wondered, why Bowie does not like to "walk small dogs"...?

walk the dog

Here we see, why I needed that "RNGO"... ;)

..because my giant jackalope,
it ate my food and all my dope.
Then it swallowed my CDs
and my “Ziggy”-first release!
I told him not to eat my tapes,
but I saw it was too late!
All my music now is gone
and I feel so sad alone -
So, dear Blammo, don’t you see
this RNG[-O*] – belongs to me!

* poetic licence

It is the poem of the RNGO-competition of summer 04...
Congrats to all the other winners and thanx to Blammo! :-)

I pray this every evening...!
I'm a freak
a geek
a loony cracker
and wish to be a bowienetter
so, sailor, look, what I have chosen
I want to be your Vollmatrose..!   (oh, god, the germans!!)
My english's bad
my mind is mad
but one thing, that is really hard - 
I do not have a creditcard!
So, please, tell me, what to do,
because I want to join the crew!

yeah, send me your poems, if want to read here something else....!

        ...you thought I was joking....? Oh no, now I am a member of B-net, thanx to my new, extra
     because of B-net ordered credit-card. And, even worse, I had to install Microsoft internet-Explorer,
       just to sign in there... Now, sitting directly by the source, bowiefun will continue with lots of new
         material... hehehe...

sailor's website

Certainly THIS is NOT the whole Bowienet...!

...and I see, this is totally OFF TOPIC here..!