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June 11th 2004

Seeing Bowie in Amsterdam! June 11.2004

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bus Z-coffee
A night in a bus... view on a trucker's casino at the highway...

This is the coffeemachine of the bus

a bunny! shop
The first thing I saw at 5:00 am at Amsterdam Central Station

Shopping in Amsterdam ( king for water)

who's there hiding? good
Who's that hiding in the ..shadow...?

...seems this is a good place...

Help! Where's the venue??!

queuing loo

luckily I have no picture of that "Zoo-Situation" in that
cage... and luckily no one offered us bananas...)

Sailor, ever used that men's toilet?
(the grey thing in the middle)
waiting ceiling
...waiiiting sooo long....!

The ceiling...

special guest special guest
Our special guest number one.
Shame - I never knew her name. But she's the daughter
of Old-Stone Ron Wood (who was peeping through the curtain)

Our special guest number two: dutch Rocker Anouk.
I think, most people were quite happy with the
two support-gigs.

pengalope bunny
I have seen it with my own eyes! The pengalope! It's here in
the middle! Well, a bad picture. You might think it is fake.
But I have seen it. I swear.

And the pink bunny?! Harvey, help!

show show
da-da - da - damm...

aw...he's just waving. I know.

show show
..don't forget to keep your head...

The visual echo

show show
Bowie's sweaty back (hard working)

that's better.

show show
Playing with your belt makes stiff fingers and a dumb brain.

This is how it looks when Bxxx takes pictures.

show show
..playing the guitaaaar...


show show
..playing with big balls


show show
What beauty!

..a lonely guy in the woods

show show
Be careful with huge guitars, when you are a small guy.

Slicky smoking

show show
Clap! ...Grrrrrr...!

...byebye...! CU in Prague!

after show after show
xxxx with her balloon.

...walking on clouds...

old sailor ticket
Oh, show us - the way to the...Afterparty...! (somehwere in the
redlight-zone) - Unfortunately this wasn't the partyplace...

The ticket...

[missing pictures] leaving
Here is a space for all the pictures, which I did not take -
or which I took but thought it would be better not to post
them... ;-)) -- lope(-arazzo)

..Weed between buildings... pictures on my smartcard....
Leaving Amsterdam at 6:00 a.m. Waiting for the tram.
It's cold and raining...and I am tired.
And still feel a little bit sick till now (*cough*)...